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With experience that has charted the globe, Teatro’s team of Chefs brings inspiring flavours from the Mediterranean and around the world to life on your plate. From the first bite to the last taste that crosses your lips, each ingredient of your experience is crafted with finesse, care and an appreciation for the art and respect of food. Our team’s intention is to craft an unforgettable dining experience for you, orchestrating each detail so that you can bask in each moment of indulgence.

Corporate Executive Chef

Matthew Batey

As a budding chef, Matthew completed an apprenticeship at the Fairmont Empress Hotel and upon completion was promptly recruited to join the opening team at what was soon to be awarded Canada’s best restaurant of 2002, Catch. After his tenure at Catch, Batey joined the celebrated kitchen of Vancouver’s highly acclaimed Chef Bruno Marti. Under Marti’s tutelage, Matthew was able to hone his passion and pursuit of culinary excellence whilst working in one of Canada’s most esteemed professional kitchens. As a result, Chef Batey has initiated the next generation of mentorship in the culinary domain, thus creating a new band of kitchen talent.

After his tenure at Catch, Batey honed his passion and pursuit of culinary excellence working in the celebrated kitchen of Vancouver’s acclaimed Chef Bruno Marti. Chef Batey would then go on to The Terrace Restaurant at Mission Hill Family Estate Winery, where Matthew’s passion for showcasing regional cuisine in the Northwest was fully expressed. Chef Batey then returned to Calgary in 2014 to help open and develop The Nash as well as Off-Cut Bar.

2014 presented a new challenge for Chef Batey, and a return to Calgary to collaborate on a new project in the historic National Hotel. The development of The Nash and OffCut Bar opened the door for Matthew to be involved in the conceptual and operational design of the restaurant, consequently adding to his gastronomic pedigree.

One constant for Batey has been his desire to compete across many different platforms, he has been fortunate to represent Canada in several international culinary competitions, garnering many gold medals and one World Championship. Says Batey, “there is no greater honor than wearing the maple leaf and representing your country, I just do it with a knife not a stick”.

Driven by the team atmosphere and desire to provide an unparalleled dining experience to his guests, Chef Batey can be found in his element cooking alongside the brigade, inspired by the bounty of Canada and rooted in European sophistication.

When speaking about his work at Teatro, he has this to say, “It’s about our brigade performing night in and night out for our guests, to evoke emotion because of a beautifully orchestrated guest experience.”

Pastry Chef

Daniel Ramon

Daniel Ramon grew up in Puebla, Mexico and for as long as he could remember, had a love for cooking and baking. From a young age Daniel committed to pursuing a career in the culinary arts. However, coming from a culture where cooking wasn’t a celebrated profession, he started second guessing his dream causing him to enroll in university working towards a degree in economics. Thankfully he followed his heart and the route that he was destined to take in pastry arts. After being accepted to The Art Institute of Vancouver, he made his way to Canada with the full support of his family to begin his journey to becoming one of Canada’s brightest young pastry talents.

A unique opportunity in Calgary at a restaurant called Market provided Daniel the chance to showcase his talents in chocolate. Working along side Chef David Bohati, Daniel became well known within the culinary community for his creative and unique bon bons.

Inspired by seeing others create innovative chocolates similar to those he was making, Daniel was felled to further innovate and truly explore his creativity with pastry, chocolates, and bonbons. In 2015, he returned to Puebla where he and his sister opened a chocolate shop called Cuit, allowing him the opportunity to not only be an artist but also a business person.

Daniel likes to keep things continuously evolving, learning from his peers in the industry, exploring new ingredients, trying new recipes and methods, and accepting culinary challenges. Knowing Calgary for having a healthy and progressive culinary scene,he returned to Calgary to helm the pastry program Teatro, appreciating the groups commitment to innovation and exploration. He appreciates the romanticism that comes with seeing how flavours develop and translate to final presentation. The creativity that comes from building different flavour profiles on a plate, much to the delight of Teatro’s guests.

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